What can I do to fight both acne and aging?


It’s frustrating to have to combat breakouts at the same time my skin is aging.   I find that every time I use a product that is supposed to fight aging such as wrinkles and large pores, I end up breaking out. When I try to focus on my acne and use a product that claims to stop breakouts, my skin ends up looking dry and even more wrinkled. What can I do to fight both acne and aging?


Adult acne has been a thorn in my own side for year so I feel your pain! Luckily, after finding the products, prescriptions and treatments that work for me, I finally have things under control. To get an expert opinion on the challenges of fighting acne and aging at the same time, I sat down with Medical Aesthetician Crystal Waugh.


The first step I would recommend is booking a complimentary consultation with  a medical aesthetician where we can assess her skin in person and  create a skincare plan and program that would best suit her needs.  We would start her off with a skincare program consisting of AHA’s and/or BHA’s, and possible topical and/or oral prescriptions, followed by a treatment plan which may include a combination of microdermabrasion, chemical peels, Isolaz, and laser treatments.   Acne is one of the biggest skin concerns today, besides anti-aging, and is a skin condition that can be maintained with proper skincare and treatments.  At Skin MediSpa we develop a regimen that is client specific, while monitoring the treatment plan and progress along the way with complimentary follow up visits.  Sun exposure is the number 1 cause of aging, so a Vitamin C serum along with a light-weight SPF will help prevent future damage, while laser treatments can help improve skin’s quality in terms of colour, elasticity and wrinkle reduction immediately.  It is possible to focus on breakouts and anti-aging at the same time, we just need to find the right plan for your specific skin.


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