Day 1 – GliSODin Advanced Cleanse

So many of my friends have tried cleanses and sworn by the benefits of them. I’ve never given it a go but with the latest offering right on my doorstep, GliSODin Advanced Cleanse, I figured why not?

Day 1

I’m thinking that maybe Monday morning isn’t the best day to start a cleanse… then again, considering the weekend I just had, I REALLY need it.

Instructions say to mix package one and two together in my shaker bottle……Step one white mixture and Step two brown mixture. I’ve added 1 cup of water from the water cooler and have proceeded to shake it up. This is the first cleanse I’ve tried and I’m slightly dreading it. I feel my face pinch up before I’ve even taken the first sip.

I’m shocked to find the taste is mild ( only faintly leaving an aftertaste of berries and leaves ). I haven’t followed the recommendation of mixing it in with a fruit smoothie but could see how that trick would mask the taste entirely.

Hopefully the evening shakes goes down as easily!

Get yours here!

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Author: Kacey

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