Day 16 – Slimming Formula

Day 16

I’ve officially survived my two week cleanse…

It was difficult at times but I stuck with it, and the scale is reading 3 pounds lighter. I’m feeling on top of the world!

On to part two; my first day of the ” Slimming Formula”. Not going to lie… the chalky texture is unpleasant but the taste is fruity. I don’t even have the urge to add any additional flavor drops to it. I chug all 8 ounces down quickly and give myself a moment to digest. My stomach is calm, not upset by the ice cold drink. I feel a sense of relief that I’ll only have to perform the ritual once daily, rather than repeat in the evening as I did for the cleanse. Now, time for breakfast. Piece of cake! (Not literally haha)

Author: Kacey

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