As a Northerner I spend what seems like a solid 7 months waiting for the summer sun to finally appear…and yet when it finally arrives, it always seems to catch me off guard!


This past weekend I stopped in at my uncle’s house to wish him a happy birthday and have a quick chat. We opted to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and sit outside on the patio. I was so focused on enjoying my slice of lemon cream crumble ( YUM), that I didn’t even notice the warning tingles in my forearms. Sure enough, by the time I got up to leave, my pale arms had been marred with awkward looking flaming red rectangles that no amount of aloe vera could sooth.


You would think that working in the aesthetics industry for years would have instilled  the fact that the sun’s rays are incredibly strong and can wreak havoc quickly even on the cloudiest of days. Apparently not.


Now , I’m forced to do damage control with sunless tanner and hope that I don’t start peeling like a snake.


Wish me luck!

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Author: Kacey

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