Is there anything I can do to help prevent chin or jaw line pimples?


My skin is generally pretty clear but from time to time I get a spot either on my chin or jaw line with pimples?  They tend to start as a painful bump and turn into a full blown pimple.  Is there anything I can do to help when this happens or to help prevent these from happening?


Keeping your skin clear ( especially during the hot and humid summer months) can be a constant battle. We could all use a few pointers.  To get the scoop, I consulted  SKIN’s Medical Aesthetics Manager, Donna Lamarche. Donna has been with SKIN  MediSpa since they first opened their doors and has treated just about every skin condition out there!

” With ongoing advancements in skin care products, it’s possible to significantly improve mild to moderate acne  simply by using a skin care regimen with active, medical-grade ingredients.  I recommend using a cleanser with  salicylic or glycolic acid to wash off dead skin cells and excess oils and purify the skin.  The next step should be toner followed by a lotion or serum with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.  A Vitamin C serum applied in the morning gives skin a brightening and rejuvenating boost, and helps to combat the daily exposure to oxidants, stressors and pollutants.  Finally, a light weight, oil- free sunscreen to protect from UV and to keep your skin hydrated should be considered. For extra protection, changing your pillowcase on  a daily  basis will help prevent the build up of sweat and dirt your skin is exposed to overnight.”

What do we recommend for you?

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