What age could you start laser hair treatment?


What age could you start laser hair treatment?

My daughter is almost 13 and she is very concerned about the hair on her legs. I do not want to shave. She has been using the NoNo for 2 years but without success.

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Great question! To find your answer I went straight to our Registered Nurse Manager, Leigh Ann Morris. She’s spent the past 8 years providing SKIN’s clients with the high quality of care and outstanding treatment results that make SKIN MediSpa the gold standard in the aesthetic industry.


“While there is not necessarily an age restriction associated with laser hair removal, a  majority of those pursuing treatment tend to be older.  The reason for this is there is still some discomfort associated with the laser, and at such a young age, your daughter may find it difficult to sit through an entire treatment of her legs. 


In order to achieve the most comfortable and effective treatment possible, she would still be asked to shave at least 24 hours prior to the procedure. This step can’t be skipped. In order to achieve reduction, the laser’s energy must be applied to each hair follicle. When hair growth is present on the skin’s surface, the laser’s energy is wasted targeting the visible hair, rather than the follicle itself.


While I’m not familiar with the NoNo technology myself, at home hair removal systems are limited in what they can offer as they’re available to the general public. If you’re looking for safe and effective results, it’s always best to seek treatment through an office that has a physician consultant on staff. That way you’re sure your daughter receives the best outcome possible.”


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